Senior Advisor at Script Conductive

First of all, I would like to thank the CEO of Script-Conductive (Khun.Thrittawan) for inviting me to be part of the senior advisory team at the company. I received a great mission in establishing technical capabilities for the company and ensure that other senior advisors can have the best support.

My email address is vorachet@script-conductive.com My phone number is +66924320553. Should you need to contact me in writing, my postal address is below

วรเชษฐ์ เจริญสวัสดิ์ – บริษัท สคริปคอนดัคทิฟ จํากัด เลขที่ 25 อาคารอัลม่าลิงค์ชั้น17 ซอยชิดลม ถนนเพลินจิต แขวงลุมพินี เขตปทุมวัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330

Vorachet JAROENSAWAS – SCRIPT CONDUCTIVE Head Office, Level 17 No. 25 Alma Link Building, Soi Chidlom, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand.

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My work areas at Script-Conductive

  • RFI/Bid Proposal Development: For Script-Conductive customers, if you have any wanted help or questions related to the content of our submitted proposal, please feel free to contact me.
  • Technical Product Specification and System Design Information: Note that my contact already provided in every technical document submitted to clients. All customers are welcome to contact me regardless the stage of project or the validity of current subscription. Even you stopped using our products, you are always a valuable customer and welcome to comeback to talk with us.
  • Technical Representative for the CEO of Script Conductive and other senior advisors of the company
  • Ensure the company will never abandon customers: For past & existing customers, more than happy to be part of the escalation list of your project and welcome any questions or requests if the issue management provided by the company cannot satisfy your support expectation.
  • Seek ways to modernize customer’s business: With the target sectors and customers identified by the management team, I develop association from our current technical capability to possible values to the target. In 2022, I led the company to move forward to the two areas that consistent with global trend a) Conversational Enterprise and b) Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • My supervisor role for the employees of Script-Conductive: Anyone who works under my supervision or co-workers. If you need a letter of recommendation, endorsement, and verifiable references for job applications, please feel free to contact me. If you are not confident in receiving a very positive recommendation :), I am happy to list your name on Script Conductive website with link to your LinkedIn.
  • Facilitate technical team and external project co-workers: Help remove roadblocks, shield interference, supervise younger team, and assist project owner.

Role History, for Proposal and Team Member (Govt) Reviewers

  • Delivered projects to APAC Banks (DBS SG/HK), Global Manufacturers (Airbus, Smith & Nephew, JohnDeere), US-based Consulting firms, and industrial open standard pioneers (Koneksys, Modelon), Academic projects and teaching staff (the University of York, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi), RFI/BidProposal (The US Army, Several Mobile Operators in Thailand, KrungThai Bank)
  • Senior Advisor at Script-Conductive – work with a former chief executive of the provincial government and other senior advisors (often a former Govt exclusive) to realize successful new systems and provide enabling systems. Handled progress under a wide spectrum collaboration of people ages and domains. Led the development of Artifulate – Conversational Enterprise using Chatbots and Engineering services in building traceability and automated software engineering solutions.
  • Ex-Research Associate at the University of York and performed project as Systems & Software Engineer at Smith & Nephew, HULL. Work under the supervision of Prof. Dimitris Kolovos, one of the notable experts and Prof. in Software and Model-Driven Engineering and the creator & project lead of Eclipse Epsilon.
  • Ex-SE/MBSE Engineer & Federal Business Manager at Koneksys. Clients: Airbus, JohnDeere, Modelon, and experience in proposal development for a prospect in the US. A Consulting firm that performs projects with NASA, NIST, and several global organizations. Work under the supervision of Dr. Axel Reichwein, Pioneer of OSLC standards, Co-chair of several OMG working groups, and SysML specification contributor. I received the opportunity to practice the development of an RFI proposal for the US Army.
  • Ex-CTO at baby SaaS unicorn gamification platform – Gamification startup Playbasis has received US$1.8 million in Series A funding. Joined backend maintenance, and development with the software team.
  • Ex-CTO at the top exclusive mobile content provider in Thailand – Mobile Game Motion, an exclusive mobile content provider for DTAC/AIS/TRUE/SAMART and several operators in Cambodia. Designed and maintained a large set of mobile game content published by global game developers and enable monetization with TELCOs.
  • Coordinator – Led INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) Emerging chapter meetings in Thailand as promoted by INCOSE international newsletter issue DEC/2017.
  • Ex-Govt Technology Promotion Officer – Software Promotion Agency – Technology Promotion Department and Lead Developer – OneStopService project that integrates services with the most public authorities and Govt banks, and Package Add-On developer – Suriyan Linux OS project. and learned a lot from my co-worker, Jeroen Vermeulen maintainer of the official C++ driver for PostgreSQL.


  • ISO 15288 – Technical standard in systems engineering which covers processes and life-cycle stages.
  • I have studied SOPs/WIs of several global manufacturers that need ISO 9000 certificates while I perform MBSE/MDE projects for them and have to follow those SOPs. This experience bring me a super awareness and context for systems engineerings.
  • Champion at the organization in building and maintaining traceability of things and value ontology engineering. My role with this specialty has to develop linked data applications, develop traceability solutions using open standard for building interoperability such as OASIS-OPEN OSLC and the applications of RDFStores & SPARQL.
  • Have a laser focus on modern technology and discipline influenced by organizations who spent billions for DigitalThread/PLM/DigitalTwin. My role with this specialty has to work with metamodels of several standard modeling languages.
  • Software system development focusing MongoDB and NodeJS and industrial relevant systems architecture, components, and design patterns.
  • Development of MBSE facility. I am ready to have the jump to MBSE/MDE/DSL projects.
  • Development of systems around the semantic web, linked data, and traceability problems.

Detailed work profile


2013: MSc Software Engineering (School of Information Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi | KMUTT) – Thesis: Extending the McCumber Cube to Model Software System Maintenance Tasks | Attended MSc CourseWorks

2003: BEng Electronic Engineering (Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering – ETE, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi | RMUTT) – Classical guitar robot | STUDENT ID 014260402106-3

Technical Certificates

Several professional certificates related to systems modeling using ISO/IEC 19514:2017 systems modeling language (OMG SysML), Rational Unified Process software development process, and Java programming language and platform in the early stage of career.

OMG Certified Systems Modeling Professional SysML model user and builder

OCSMP Model User ISO/IEC 19514:2017
OCSMP Model Builder ISO/IEC 19514:2017
IBM Certified Specialist Rational Unified Process v2003

In the absence of private projects, there is a number of projects published on Github.

https://vorachet.github.io/froglet/ (Lightweight textual artifact generation environment)

https://github.com/ld4mbse/oslc-adapter-fmi (OSLC adapter for FMI)

https://github.com/ld4mbse/linkeddata-tree-editor (Web-based tree editor for RDF data)

https://github.com/koneksys/KLD (Koneksys Linked Data Platform)

https://github.com/koneksys/Web-Based-SysML-Block-Diagram (SysML block renderer using HTML5 canvas)

https://github.com/vorachet/mdeshell (mdeshell is a bash shell based modeling environment that facilitates the definition of XML-based EMF metamodels/models and the execution of Model-2-Text transformation based on Model-Driven Engineering system implemented by the Eclipse Emfatic and the Epsilon Flexmi/EGL/EGX.)

https://github.com/vorachet/gsl_example (If you are looking for usage examples of the FOR&IF control flow statement of iMatix GSL code generator, I created a simplified C program functions model in XML and use GSL to generate C header and source files.)

https://github.com/vorachet/FindFuncDSL (FindFunc is a DSL that generates IDEF0-Like diagram and metric of IDEF0 building blocks.)

https://github.com/vorachet/Systext (Systext is a textual domain-specific language for systems modeling. This project-based learning program is funded by the School of Information Technology, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi)

https://github.com/script-conductive/scdt.modelexamples ( a complete SysML parametric diagram example modeled with the Eclipse Papyrus) see Article

https://github.com/vorachet/apigw-mvp (This project provides a sequence of MVP development of a simplified API Gateway using NodeJS, MongoDB, and MySQL stack.)

https://github.com/vorachet/executable-truth-table (Node.js Truth Table implementation (TTABLE))

https://github.com/vorachet/bash-cli-template (Bash shell script template for readability CLI)

https://github.com/vorachet/binary-matrix (Learning of John N. Warfield’s binary matrix)

https://github.com/vorachet/design-pattern (Javascript design patterns for both browser and Node.js)


Vinay Munjewar via LinkedInwww.linkedin.com/in/vorachet

current: Blockchain Program Manager at Syncfab, past: Engineering Lead at Airbus

During my work at A3 by Airbus, Vorachet worked as OSLC consultant for the ADAM project. His main work was related to the development of an OSLC interface for Airbus’s PLM, development of applications for creating, searching, and browsing the traceability and consistency of engineering data across different PLM. Vorachet was very good team member and helpful resource for our project with great attitude towards work.

Vinay Munjewar via a letter of recommendation

It is my honor to recommend Vorachet Jaroensawas. I have known Vorachet for the past four years from our professional relationship started at A3 by Airbus in USA ,2016 . I was managing him on ADAM project at Airbus as Engineering Lead and I had the pleasure to know and work with him as OSCL consultant .

In his short time at ADAM project execution, his enthusiasm, energy, and commitment has been evident in his approach to problems. He provided meticulous reports of the research needed to implement OSLC and communicated his findings to the team.

During his work as consultant, he did great work in Development and Integration of OSLC connector for Airbus’s PLM systems. He also developed applications for creating, searching, and browsing the traceability and consistency of engineering data across different PLM.

Vorachet is a great team-player, working in collaboration with a fellow intern on any project.

Vorachet was a valued member at our team and would make a great candidate for your Organization. His commitment, perseverance, and intelligence would make him a worthy addition to Airbus team. I recognize his eagerness in continuing his career and I hope you look upon his application favorably.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or ph. 408-329-2360

Vinay Munjewar
Blockchain Program Manager Email-vinay@syncfab.com

Hubertus Tummescheit via LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/vorachet

current: Chief Solutions Officer & Co-founder at Modelon

Vorachet did great work for us when he developed the OSLC interface to FMI in collaboration with us. Vorachet was fast to learn about the Functional-Mockup-Interface and excellent in understanding our requirements on scalability and functionality. It has been great working with him and we were very satisfied with the project results.

Roger Burkhart via a letter of recommendation

current: Independent Consultant & OMG Representative, past: Technology Architect at John Deere

To whom it may concern:
Vorachet Jaroensawas was the primary developer of a prototype application of a semantic data repository completed by Koneksys for John Deere. This project was one of a series of projects over several years to demonstrate use of an RDF Triple Store (TDB from the Apache Foundation Jena project) with REST OSLC interfaces for integration of multiple tools for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Mr. Jaroensawas carried out the development of the prototype from start to finish. It was very successful in demonstrating the potential of these new technologies to manage diagnostic data definitions for on-board vehicle networks. I recently retired from John Deere, but I may be contacted
at rburkhart47@gmail.com to confirm any information I am free to share.


Research Associate at the University of York – Part of the RA Team under the supervision of Prof. Dimitris Kolovos | Link

The following are my prior letters of recommendation during my career development.

2022 – Successfully interviewed and received the letter of admission to the PhD. Program in Computer Science and Technology at UC3M, Spain. Advisor Prof. Dr. Juan Llorens. Status: Resigned regarding the COVID situation and travel issues caused by the first-semester activity.

2020 – Shortlisted and Received the opportunity to get two interviews with PhD program from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement Lowcomote project.

2018 – 2019 Research Associate at the University of York (UoY) – Model-Based Engineering for Medical Device project supervised by the Innovate UK and incorporated with Smith & Nephew

1-semester Teaching material and possible solutions for programming syntax and semantics course at KMUTT (BSc) (Context-Free/BNF)

Short online course on DSL introduction using XText https://github.com/vorachet/csc498_mdedsl_learning

SE community activities with other professionals & academics in Thailand as promoted by INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering) INCOSE Newsletter December 2017/Q4 p10-11 – My role is the main member and the co-ordinator who organizes several meetings and maintains Thailand Emerging INCOSE chapter | new site

Gallery and meetings

Download print-quality PDF version

Positive traits

  • Build trust
  • Embrace and lead change
  • Think strategically
  • Share information
  • Ask for help
  • Ask questions
  • Crytal clear expectations
  • Celebrate as a team
  • Play to other’s strengths
  • Set shared team goals
  • Offer selfless help
  • Involve the right people – even frienemies
  • I do what I say
  • I’m honest
  • Make rule clear
  • Listen to understand
  • Accept others as they are
  • Value other’s opinions
  • Share thoughts and feeling openly
  • Don’t sugarcoat
  • Talk straight
  • Honor differences
  • Give context aplenty
  • Have clarity of role
  • Have clarity of end goal
  • Give credit when due
  • Put all ideas forward
  • Respect decisions based on role, not rank
  • Provide clear boundaries
  • Speak up if I messed up
  • Help whoever messed up
  • I’m polite
  • I’m kind
  • I’m thankful
  • Shout out good deed
  • Pay attention to feelings of others
  • Self-reflect
  • Put on other’s shoes
  • Trust all 6 senses
  • Suspend judgement

Negative traits

  • Withhold information
  • Set fuzzy goals
  • I can on my own
  • I know best
  • You should know
  • Take the glory
  • To do it right, to do myself
  • Set own goals only
  • Not my role
  • Involve supporters only
  • Can do it all
  • Always say yes
  • Give slamming critism when due
  • Set fuzzy expectations
  • Talk jargon
  • Base criticsm on all my experience
  • I’m always politically correct
  • Change deadlines often
  • Sugarcoat
  • Tell othes what they want to hear
  • Give little context, Ask lots of action
  • They know my role
  • Focus on the tasks above all
  • Only communicate the tasks
  • My DR. My success
  • Won’t put silly ideas forward
  • Respet only Senior’s decisions
  • Hide mistakes
  • Point other’s mistakes
  • Scold when necessary
  • Show tough love
  • Too much thanking shows weakness
  • No need to acknowledge positive acts
  • Put performance over the person
  • Judge quickly
  • Trust my assumptions
  • Take others only at face value
  • Trust logic only
  • Hold on to my beliefs